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Europe's leading specialist in financial crime prevention

We deliver expertise-based managed services including KYC, CDD, transaction monitoring, SARS and screening to support our clients meet their regulatory obligations and prevent financial crime efficiently and effectively.

EFI's permanent team of operations analysts are supported by industry SMEs and best-in-class technology to deliver exceptional services to clients.


Integrated solutions made for you

EFI combines regulatory expertise with operational excellence to help you meet your regulatory compliance obligations. Our innovative approach is integrated within every aspect of your business to ensure total operational excellence.

Why choose EFI services


Agile and Adaptable

We have a flexible and dynamic approach to deliver solutions in a rapidly changing environment. EFI draws on the experience of its in-house expertise and specialist partners to deliver bespoke solutions that are perfectly tuned to your requirements. Our model allows us to deploy teams quickly and effectively to work seamlessly with your people across the entire customer lifecycle.

EFI Resources

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When we went to market to find a new online W-8 solution, we found a few different off the shelf products available – it did not take long to realise that for our business, none of them were really fit for purpose. We needed something with a flexible implementation plan able to adapt to the nuances of our other systems. We needed something that would be user friendly for both customers and administrators, and could easily fit into our branding. We needed something that would prevent human validation errors to such an extent that we would not always need Specialists to do the surrounding work. We needed something that would act as a QI database as well as a form validation system. EFI was the only place we found comfort for all of these things, with a very reasonable price tag attached.

Operational Tax Manager, Interactive Investor

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Ready to transform your operational compliance?

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