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 Are you concerned about the dropout rate of customers at onboarding because of delays in collecting tax documentation?

 Do you worry about the quality of your tax data and how long it takes to get it right?


 Would you like to transform your customer journey when collecting tax information for QI/FATCA/CRS?

Streamline your operations with EFI's DocuTax

EFI’s DocuTax is a straightforward and efficient application, that simplifies the tax documentation journey for you and your customers.


The rule-based software, built and maintained by EFI’s leading industry experts, ensures the accurate collection, validation and processing of forms covering Qualified Intermediary (QI) and Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) regimes. This includes FATCA/CRS self-certifications, as well as U.S. IRS W-Series forms included in the U.S QI reporting regime.


DocuTax helps transform manually intensive operations and enables straight through processing of forms, allowing your specialist resource to focus on other areas of risk instead.

Reduce complexity & enhance user experience

DocuTax is a user-friendly application designed to guide customers completing complex tax forms, helping them get it right first time. The following forms are covered:

  • W-8BEN

  • W-8BEN-E

  • ​W-8IMY

  • W-9

  • FATCA/CRS Self-Certification forms for individuals and entities

Minimise risk of non-compliance

DocuTax significantly improves the reliability of your data by reducing reliance on manual data entry. The app also validates data as it is entered by the customer preventing the collection of incorrect data, such as invalid TIN formats.

Easily extractable documentation helps support compliance and audit processes, keeping track of each customer’s form history.

Reduce your operational cost

DocuTax reduces the amount of operational effort required to process forms and Straight Through Processing increases speed and efficiency, freeing up internal resource to focus on the areas of highest risk.

Case Study


How DocuTax streamlined operations and increased data reliability for a QI

Screenshot 2023-12-08 154449_edited.png

When we went to market to find a new online W-8 solution, we found a few different off the shelf products available – it did not take long to realise that for our business, none of them were really fit for purpose. We needed something with a flexible implementation plan able to adapt to the nuances of our other systems. We needed something that would be user friendly for both customers and administrators, and could easily fit into our branding. We needed something that would prevent human validation errors to such an extent that we would not always need Specialists to do the surrounding work. We needed something that would act as a QI database as well as a form validation system. EFI was the only place we found comfort for all of these things, with a very reasonable price tag attached.

Operational Tax Manager, Interactive Investor

Screenshot 2023-12-08 154449_edited.png
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