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EFI Services

It’s important that your business continually manages the complex client risk lifecycle. EFI adopts a robust, commercial and risk-focused approach to helping our clients.

We combine our proven expertise in delivering operational excellence with best-in-class regulation and compliance technology to offer effective end-to-end solutions.


EFI’s integrated solutions provide expertise across Know Your Customer (KYC), Financial Crime and Operational Tax, including compliance with regulations, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), tax and regulatory reporting.


When onboarding new customers or carrying out periodic reviews, there’s an ever increasing need to ensure you employ robust KYC processes that are delivered efficiently by appropriately experienced teams.

EFI’s remediation and onboarding services identify, mitigate and manage your regulatory risks while optimising your operational performance. We filter the acceptable from the unacceptable from a risk perspective to ensure you’re compliant with regulatory requirements.


Improve KYC
remediation process

Financial Crime

A fast paced regulatory environment demands that your business is agile enough to meet obligations. While both criminals and technology grow in sophistication, your business must have efficient operational processes in place to protect against financial crime.

EFI supports your Transaction Monitoring process to identify and resolve suspicious activity as soon as it arises. Expert analysts conduct fraud investigations to stop threats to your accounts. We complete your Suspicious Activity Reporting (SARs) process, ensuring full compliance through our regulatory expertise and practical experience.


reporting: Improving quality of SARs

Operational Tax

Operational Tax requirements are increasingly complex. EFI’s industry expertise lessens the burden of maintaining in-house expertise by providing cost efficient solutions.

EFI can complete the entire tax process including QI, FATCA, CRS and DAC6, compliance, classification and reporting requirements.


FATCA/ CRS compliance

Regulatory Expertise

Our Regulatory Expertise underpins every aspect of our service to ensure we efficiently and accurately deliver solutions for you in compliance with the regulations.

EFI’s DocuTax Tool

Reduce the time spent on accurately completing and processing the IRS W-Series forms for you and your customers with our DocuTax Tool.

Ready to transform your operational compliance?

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